SB i5 2500k, Asus P8P67 issue, Corsair 4gb

I'm not even sure where this question would fit in better, so I'll just put it inside 'Motherboards & Memory' as it might cover everything.

So, these are the parts i just brought today:
*Corsair 2x2GB DDR3, 1600 mhz, CL9, XMS3, rev. A
*CPU i5 2500k
*Asus P8P67
*Cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer 13
*SSD Corsair Force series 60GB SATA-II 2.5 inch

This wasn't the first system I assembled so I could say I know my way around decently. However, for about 4 hours I couldn't get it to POST at least.

Problem: I press the power button, the CPU fan spins for ~1 second then stops and nothing else happens.
-the power led on the mobo is powered on
-the hdd/power indicators on the chassis blinks for a second and then stop

I have tried:
-try to boot with the basics plugged in: 2gb ram, cpu, fan, ATI HD4890, 24 pin and 8 pin PSU connectors plugged into the mobo (so no fans, HDDs, peripherals)
-boot by touching the power pins on the mobo with a screwdriver
-reset cmos

Anyone has any ideas about what else could cause it? I know for a fact that the PSU was working on the previous computer about 30 minutes before moving it.
Please help if you know something!
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  1. Have you had a look at the troubleshooting guide just to make sure you haven't overlooked any possible issues?

    If nothing in that guide helps...can you test your ram in another computer, and also, have you ensured it's fully seated? I don't see the size of your psu listed; is it adequate?

    I don't have a ton of troubleshooting knowledge because I've been lucky enough to not receive a DOA part in any of my 5 builds yet, so sorry if none of that was helpful. :)
  2. Taking a look at that now!
    And i knew i forgot something, the PSU is Corsair 850TX, so i assume that will do more than fine :p
  3. Are you using the correct slots for RAM?

    Should be:
    Slot 1 (closest to CPU): Empty
    Slot 2: RAM
    Slot 3: Empty
    Slot 4: RAM
  4. When i tried with both sticks, yes...however it didn't boot with only one either.
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