2 x ASUS ATI HD5870 v2 or 2 x nVidia GTX 470

I've read all the reviews and it clearly seems that the ati cards perform better than the nvidia cards, but I have been always been worried with ATI's driver support and compatibility problems.
I have always bought nvidia cards so therefore I'm biased, some google research shows:

searching: nvidia 470 problem
results: 554.000

searching: ati 5870
results: 602.000

searching: ati crossfire problem
results: 251.000

searching: nvidia sli problem
results: 4.330.000

I know that these results don't mean much, please vote which do you think is your favourite setup and explain why.

A) 2 * ASUS ATI HD5870 v2 Cross fire setup

B) 2 * EVGA nVdia GTX 470 SLI setup

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  1. I'd go with the ASUS. Mainly because overvoltaging will allow you to easily exceed 1000/1200, and the fact that the HD5870 is better than the 470.
  2. plus less heat weith 5870 a nd less power needed
  3. Any 5870 users around with driver or compatibility issues ?
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