HTPC first build...

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: As soon as possible, but there is really no time frame.


- Streaming audio/video from my NAS.
- Streaming audio/video from the interwebs (like SiriusXM, NPR and such...) .
- Surfing the interwebs.
- Playing DVDs
- Playing CDs
- Playing BluRay? maybe?

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: not important, but I can always go with

PARTS PREFERENCES: I need to have a CD/DVD/Blue-Ray drive in this thing... Also I saw some cases that have an amplifier built-in. I wonder if a case like that makes sense... That way I can get rid of the Tuner I have. Also, how can I avoid having a keyboard and mouse? any remote or touchscreen suggestions (is my budget too low for that)?



MONITOR RESOLUTION: I have a TV. It is 27". It is not likely to get bigger.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Must be Windows (long story...)

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  1. $404AR
  2. Thank you for your suggestions!!!
    - the motherboard seems exactly what I need.
    - do i really need a 500W power supply? That seems like a lotta power.
    - how loud is this system?
  3. 1.You could get by with a quality 300-400 80+ PSU but that came with a DVDRW SATA that is basically free hehe
    2. Nah at stock/non OC that stock HSF is fine but if your noise tolerance is low look into after market HSF with stress on low noise perhaps ^^
    3. You are welcomed
  4. So I showed the case to my wife, and (as anticipated) she didn't dig it so much... We both like this one: -- and it says that it is for the ATX motherboards, but the back doesn't match the board. How can I find a matching board?
  5. Thanks. This may be a "boneheaded" question, but looking at the back of the case and the back of the motherboard, all the plugs do not look like they'd line up.

  6. Remove that I/O plate off the rear of the case and slot in the one that came with your motherboard in the box ^^
  7. Thank you!!

    Will the power supply you suggested work with this board?
  8. Once again: many many thanks!!!!! So based on all things considered and then re-considered, here is what I am looking at... Do you think this works? Am I missing anything? Am I wasting $$$ on anything?
  9. Well u stated streaming rather than encode so that was why i went with 2GB RAM but if u can afford it why not :P You are welcomed
  10. Best answer
    Twas a pleasure ^^
  11. Thanks again!
  12. Here is the actual order... for the record or something ($613.06 AR):

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