Bfg gs 450w (36 amps on the dual 12v)

I am looking to upgrade my graphics card and possibly my processor.I currently have AMD 64x2 6000+, 8600 GT 1 HD DVDRW, 6GB ram, neon light, and front temp display. Just wondering if my bfg gs 450w can handle a GTX 460 as well. And also (if possible) a phenom x4 (still looking at models.) any help would be great.
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    Should. A GTX460 and a modern quad core each need about 10 amps of current, leaving plenty for everything else.
  2. Combined 12v output is 304 watts ( ~25a ) , 450w is the peak rating , I wouldn't.
  3. Thanks, I think I'll try and run them both.
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