Whats the best card for my pc

hi i have a advent 3418 pc its specs are :

CPU Intel Pentium 4 3.2 GHz HT
BIOS Phoenix-Award BIOS.
Motherboard TriGem IT865GE (MS 6743)
Memory 512MB DDR PC2700 RAM (4 memory slots. Max 4GB)
Hard Drive 200 GB Maxtor 6Y200PO

i just want to know whats the best card for my pc
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  1. To add a GPU to a computer may require a powersupply upgrade. Also important, is what kind of graphics cards slot you have, AGP or PCI-E?

    If you can support a PCI-E card:

    4650 for windows XP, 5570 for vista or win7. A single core processor (even with HT) can't support much more graphics power than that, not to mention only 512mb of PC2700 memory.

    If you have an AGP slot for graphics:

    Then an AGP 4650 is your most powerful option.
  2. :p

    If the system is AGP you should go with a 3650 if you have a weak Power Supply, or perhaps spend a little more on a 4650 if your PSU is decent enough. You're going to need more RAM though if you want to play any semi-recent games. If you have a PCi-E slot, then a Radeon 5570 would probably be the way to go, or save a few bucks and get a 4650. Anything more powerful is a waste simply because of your weak CPU.
  3. you really need more RAM
  4. We need to know which type of Graphics card slot you have.
  5. ct1615 said:
    you really need more RAM

    Don't even bother with a card while you have only 512mb of ram.
  6. guys ive upgraded my ram to 1.5gb and i have 1 agp slot and 4 PCI slots
  7. go with the 4650 jyjjy linked
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