Wireless vs. Wired Gaming Mice, As well as suggestions

Hello, all :)

Ok, I have had a Logitech MX620 for a couple of years now and it has served me faithfully. As it is getting old, it has begun to develop the nasty problem of randomly double clicking when I click once.

So now I am searching for the perfect mouse for me... I really like the wireless aspect of the MX620, but have a question: How much lag does wireless really cause? I have never noticed any lag while using it, yet I have read multiple places that wireless mice are laggy. Is this due to the type of wireless, or the proximity to the wireless transmitter? I never have the transmitter more than a foot away from me, so this might decrease the chance of lag... Any ideas why this isn't a problem for me, but it is for others?

Also, I am looking for some suggestions as to what mouse I should move on to. The wires on wired mice bug me a lot, but I could probably get used to them again if absolutely necessary. I am looking for a mouse with lots of progammable buttons (that allow for extensive customization, for example: when I press button 1 while in Command and Conquer 3, send key "A", wait three seconds, send key "B", then wait half a second and press "ctrl+D"), high responsiveness, hopefully wireless with no lag, and it would be nice to have some onboard memory to save programmable button profiles on (but not absolutely necessary).

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
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  1. hello, I have a cooler master sentinel advanced and it has 8 programmable buttons and 64kb of onboard memory, look it up it's a really nice mouse
  2. i love my mx1100, but haven't had a lot of need to program it, though it has quite a few buttons. never noticed a lag with wireless, though i did notice one using wireless keyboard. i use a wired keyboard and my wireless mx1100 and haven't had any lag issues.
  3. amdgamer101 said:
    hello, I have a cooler master sentinel advanced and it has 8 programmable buttons and 64kb of onboard memory, look it up it's a really nice mouse

    Looks like a good mouse... how long have you owned it? Has there been any sort of problem with it?

    Also, a question about a lot of these mice with programmable buttons... which finger do you use to press the buttons right below the scroll wheel? I don't like the idea of moving one of my fingers off of one of the two main buttons while in the heat of combat. I like the side buttons becuase my thumb is free to press them any time, while for the ones under the scroll wheel, I would assume you would need to take a finger off of one of the two main buttons to press them...
  4. I use it like this

    index | | second from your middle finger

    and there has been no problem with it, and Ive had it for a month
  5. One problem with a wireless mouse is the batteries will die, and they'll only die during the most intense game playing, let's just call it fate. Also I've noticed as the batteries goes down, the wireless mouse will skip a beat or start appearing laggy.

    For me I've reverted back to a wired mouse for just this reason.
  6. Any top ten gaming mouse review will have 10 wired mouse in the list.
    There's only one wireless mouse that's ever included and that's the Logitech G7 which is basically a wireless version of the G5.
    Google Top 10 gaming mice and you'll get alot of hits.
    They are usually filled with Razer and Logitech for the most part.
    I have a MX-518 and a Razer Deathadder and they make just about every top 10 list.
    If a wireless unit is on the list lag comes up as part of the package.
    Btw the CM Sentinel and Inferno(new) are top-notch mice.
  7. i have a fireglider.

    i i would rather use a wired one given the choice. remember they need to be charged up.
  8. i replace the batteries in my mx1100 maybe once every 7 months.
  9. Thanks for all the responses :)

    I have been doing some more looking and reading. The CM Inferno looks like it would be an awesome mouse.... if only it were for palm grip people, rather than claw grip... I love the idea of a button used as a function key to allow for more than one set of customizable buttons.

    The CM Sentinel Advanced looks pretty good, it has some nice features. I don't really care for the button position all that much, though...

    The Logitech G700 looked absolutely epic... until I saw the price. 100 bucks. I'm not too sure I am ready to spend that much on a mouse... maybe lik 60 or so, but not sure about 100.... The button positioning on it is awesome, and I like that it can be used either wirelessly or wired, though. One thing that I am wondering about it, is that I have seen at a couple places the claim the it is "Lag Free"... does it use some sort of newer technology to allow for this?

    Anyway, still looking....

    P.S. Yea, nsquid, the battery life of the Logitech MX620 is similar, I like that about it. That brings me to another question: Why do some of these wireless mice require charging every day, while you can throw in a couple of AA batteries and you're good for months with an MX620? I couldn't imagine there would be that much more going on that would use up a lot of battery power...
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