Processor Upgrade Dell D510 Laptop

Is it possible to upgrade from the original processor, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8 Intel 1729 mHz processor to a faster unit
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  1. probably not
  2. upgrading components in a laptop/notebook is extremely difficult at best, excepting the ones that are designed to be removed easily. Depending on the computer, this can include RAM, HDD/SSD, Wireless Card, Disk Drive, but I have never seen the processor or video card in this situation. It's probably a better option to buy a new laptop, assuming it is possible at all to upgrade at all.
  3. you cant do it
    it can be done but it will cost you a lot of cash first take your laptop to its company and ask them for upgrading the cpu they will tell you that you will have to change the entire motherboard if they accept it you will pay them maybe more than half of the laptop price
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