Nvidia GTX Fermi 480 possible problem

i recent upgraded for the 9800GTX+ to the fermi 480 and while playing battlefield BC2 it seems that it takes longer to load even when the graphics are set to medium. Before I was always the first one in on the server now i dont know whats up. Is there some tweaking I should do with the bios or is it just a driver issue? I mean this thing should be loading BF BC2 fast as hell and I'm still having trouble playing Crysis on max settings which this thing should almost

CPU:AMD deneb 965 Black edition Phenom II 3.4 Quadcore w/ liquid cooled corsair H50
MB:MSI K9N2 Diamond
GPU:Nvidia geforce fermi 480 superclocked
Ram:x2 2gb sticks 1066MHZ (4 gigs)
Case:Coolermaster H-vac fullsize
Powersupply:800watt modular
OS: Win 7-64bit
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  1. Surprised you didn't just add another 9800GTX+ considering you have an SLI board. Anyway...

    Could be a driver issue if you just dropped in the 480 without uninstalling the old ones. As for crysis you're going to have a hard time playing it at max settings with a single GPU no matter what, especially if you leave your CPU at its stock speed. Still, if you're getting more performance than you did with your 9800GTX+ then I say the card is probably working right :D. If you had a drop in performance across the board then you need to be worried.
  2. ATI cards are also having trouble with slow loading times, the common denominator is DX11. ATI has included fixes for this in their last two driver updates, expect Nvidia to do the same. Your also NOW running in DX11 vs 10 or 9.
  3. MMMmm progress !! ;)
  4. As nottty mentioned the ATI 5xxx series cards were having the same problem but the new 10.4 driver has fixed it and it might be that now those with the 5xxx series cards are loading faster than those on an Nvidia platform making your load seem slower than it used to be !
  5. The DX11 is a good point, thats alot of extra wireframes to load for textures sake.....I didnt think about that. Can I still uninstall the 9800GTX+ drivers? May that help? BTW I thoroughly just did a diagnostic on my ram and 2 of my 4 sticks I had been running wouldn't individually post. A 3rd stick I had installed will post but doesn't pass the startup diagnostic test. The 4th stick is fine it seems and i'm able to run it and the other but occasionally get a crash dump error & B/S O death which is likely caused by the bad stick. All 4 sticks are Crucial 2g ddr2-8500 1066 7cas. I'm pretty sure 2 of em were bad when I got them 3 months ago but was too busy with school to diagnose their condition and return them now i'm out $110. I bought these because my MSI motherboard manual says 1.8v ram and these crucial was the only one of two to choose from one newegg. The other was skill or something and lol if you look at the reviews it would be a joke to buy it. Could it be my memory or lack there of is causing slow load times, but yes i'm looking forward to a new driver release on the fermi asap. Does anyone have any other thoughts?
  6. It's a problem with the way BFBC2 handles Directx11. ATI made a patch for it, and nvidia has one in the works. Switch to Directx10 and your load times will be fast again.
  7. actually, the load time issue affected the ATI 4xxx series as well
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