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I'm pretty sure my video card is dead. I can hear log in sounds, start up sounds etc but the video has now completely gone. I've bought a new car compatible with my computer but don't want to unwrap it and that unless I know it will definitely sort out the problem. I had blue lines and all those wierd artefacts for ages and then I smelt burning a few times and eventually it just went completely. So, the card I have in my computer which has the dvi ports has the name 'Asus 213219'. The computer is a Hp Media Center PC m700 If I replace this card, that is just the graphics card that uk replacing yes? The one I bought to replace it is perfectly compatible with the computer, but is it likely to fix the problem?
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  1. Likely? Yes.

    Could is be another problem and not the GPU?
    Possibly. The motherboard could be the issue but I think with your situation, the graphics card is more likely.

    How do you know for sure?
    Replace the GPU.
  2. ^+1
    Only way to know is to put in the card.
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