Are all LAN Cables The Same?

I am building a gaming computer and I was wondering if there are any differnces between high cost and low cost networking cables. Does a more expensive one offer any real difference in transfer rates or are they the same. Also what is the differnce between HDMI cables in terms of cost and is getting a more expensive one worth it.

Any product links or advice appreciated thanks.
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  1. Digital links usually don't care. An analog link would get noise/etc, but a digital link either works or doesn't for the most part. Any errors will show up as very distinctive artifacts.

    For a network link, you would get packet loss. For HDMI you'd get a mis-colored pixel. For audio, you'd get a "pop" sound.

    I've yet to get a "too cheap" of a cable. eg. Monster cable = waste of money.
  2. Concerning cat5 cables, I've never seen a noticeable difference. In regards to HDMI, I would have to disagree with Kewlx25 on this one. I used to sell electronics, and there is a difference between a $5 HDMI cable and a $75 HDMI cable. Now whether or not it's worth it, that's your call. I used to put it to my customers like this. Do you really want to spend $2500 on a TV and hook it up with a $15 cable? The picture's only as good as the weakest link.
  3. can you recommend an HDMI you have had good experiences with otherwise i'll probably go for the monster brand.
  4. I've had great success with the Monster brand and also Audio Quest. I've tried some of the cheaper stuff in the past with terrible results... some of the Wal Mart brands and the cables that "come in the box." Those cables generally don't last too long in my experiences. Anway... stick with Monster or Audio Quest--you won't be disappointed. Hope this helps!
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