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I have a question about the system panel header. My MoBo has a system panel header with: PLED + and - , HDLED + and - , PWRBTN # with a ground across from it, and RESET # with a ground across from it.

It also has a power LED header (separate from the system panel header) which is 3 pin and has: PLED + for 2 pins and PLED - for the other.

My case cables have a 1-pin power led + and 1 pin power led -. Which header do these plug into (power LED or system panel, what configuration)? Also my HDDLED has a red and black wire--black is negative? Power SW has a green and black cable--black is ground? Reset switch has a blue and white cable--white is ground?

My fans have peripheral power connectors so I don't need to worry about using the fan power headers on the motherboard as long as each fan is plugged into something for power? (this excludes cpu fan of course which is plugged into the correct header)

Thanks for any help!
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  1. 1 pin power Led + and 1 pin power led - connects to your PLED + and -.

    HDDLED connects to your HDLED + (red) and - (black)

    Power SW (black is ground) connects to your PWRBTN and Reset Switch (white is ground) connects to your RESET #

    You connect your case fans to your PSU Molex plugs and call it a day!!
  2. Thanks! But I'm still a little confused. Do the power LED pins plug into the power LED header or the system panel header? They both have PLED + and - (the power LED header actually has 2 PLED + slots).

    Thanks again!
  3. They plug into the Power LED header.
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