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I just built my first box, I've toyed with upgrades, motherboard swaps, and such for a long time but never did a build from scratch myself.

Everything is running fine, except for the odd bsod here and there which I hear is common on new builds for a few weeks.

The main thing I am worried about however is that sometimes when I turn on my computer is that it just repeatedly clicks on the cd drive as if it is trying to read a disk, even when there is no disk in it!

When this happens there is nothing displayed on the computer screen, no beeps from the mother board, just NOTHING.

Then when I restart everything is just fine.

Should i worry about this?
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  1. I think your BIOS is trying to boot from the CD/DVD. Just go in and set your C: HD
    as the boot and eliminate the CD/DVD from the boot priority. Just got done with a build. My only bsod was trying to load Windows 7 without a fresh re-install.

    Filed that one away for future reference.

    But, I'll forget it by next rebuild.......
  2. ive disconnected the cd drive entirely and it still makes the clicking noise

    im pretty sure its the power supply
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