Ati mobility radeon hd 5470

I want to buy a laptop and I saw one with that graphic card, but nothing else, except the name. Can someone tell me if it's a good card, mb-s and other useful info?
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  1. Is this laptop for gaming - not so good a video card.
    For general purpose & entertainment pursuits - maybe more than you need.

    Here is a review of the Mobility HD 5470
  2. It's pretty good! I'd say it's more than enough for just about anything. The 5000 series cards are great! I say get it if you like it.
  3. does the laptop use DDR3 ?
    from what ive read it should be right around a 4650
    which isn't horrible
  4. Here it is -
    My price limit is just about 450-500 pounds. And I'd like to be able to play stuff like sc2 or cod6, but if it's not possible for that price, I'll have to live with it.
  5. Any comments on this?
  6. this is up to you low settings are what you will get
  7. Thank you all for the replies. One last thing - is there any better laptop for that price? (max 500 pounds/750$)
  8. Hmm..I think you'll be fine. I have a desktop GDDR3 5450 and I can play Crysis on mostly medium settings at 1280 x 800. A desktop 5450 should be similar to a 5470 laptop version. Since laptop screens are similar you could probably run both COD6 and SC2 at medium settings @ 1024 x 768 fairly smoothly since both those games shouldn't be more demanding then Crysis.

    54xx series is good for multimedia and some light gaming, it's not that bad :)
  9. agreed
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