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I have a Lenovo laptop witch originally packed a Hitachi 40 GB drive that got damaged, I replaced it with a presumably good WD Scorpio Blue that I bought used from e-bay (first time in 24 years I buy a used drive, maybe my last)
I installed the WD Scorpio and begun coming up with issues along the W7 instalation (wrong Volume, no bootmgr present, bad sector and lastly SMART says to change the drive because this one is about to buy the farm).

Upon checking the Hitachi label it says the drive operates at 5V and 1 Amp while the WD operates at the same 5 Volt but at 0.55 Amp. Could it be that the Laptop, designed to operate a 1 Amp drive, damaged the WD that operates at a lower 0.55 Amps ? I usually just work desktop PC this is the first time I replace a laptop drive so Im clueless.

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    No, electronics will draw the current they need from the voltage supply. The laptop does not have a set current for the HDD, and different drives will use more or less power on the same 5V which means different currents. Its more likely you got a junk drive from Ebay. Id insist on a refund, or use buyer protection.
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  3. Thanks, I figured as much but I wasn't sure since I dont do work on laptops.
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