House brand--what does that mean?

Searching for deals on HD's and keep coming up against "house brand" and "white label" and "generic" hard drives from places like goharddriveDOTcom.

Can't really get a straight answer about who makes these drives.

Maybe I'm picky but I've had such rotten luck with certain brands--won't name names but their initials are WD--that I'd like to stick to brands I love like seagate.

Advise me maestros.

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  1. probably should buy a name brand drive if you have had bad luck in the past
  2. WD is western digital. House brand(home brand) in shopping usually means that the item you are buying is made from the store itself. I dont think any retailers make their own HDDs. as of right now, there are 2 major HDD makers, WD or western digital(who merged with Hitachi) and Seagate (who merged with samsung HDD line)
  3. keep gettin' dunned to pick a best answer and frankly there ain't one. das's prob'ly the best advice but there was still no answer as to what "white label" means. Love verbalizer's hit: "white label" means white label. Take that one to the bank.
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