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I just upgraded my OS to win7 and added a 120Gb SSD drive which i made my main boot. I left my old OS and HDD as it was until yesterday when i decided that i want to format my HDD and make it my storage drive. Before doing so, i used 'windows easy transfer' and stored my old data in an external drive. I went thru what was to be transfered and everything, when the transfer was done i found out that my new drive SSD was also copied (eyes rolling) and transfered and that what was left of the 120Gb is only 28.4Gb. I tried erasing files that i saw was redundant a lot of files i don't recognize and i am afraid of messing it up more than i already have.


1. I should have disconnected my new drive while copying the old right?
2. Why do i have two users now (accounts) when i boot up?
3. What's the best thing to do to free up space and remove the redundancy? Reformat the SSD and reinstall? It won't reduce my SSD performance and lifespan?
4. What should i do or any guide i can follow so when i download or install programs, it will be stored in my HDD?

Sorry too many questions...thanks!
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  1. You should have done a CLEAN install of Windows 7 from the start.
  2. I did a clean install of win7 to SSD and it had nothing on it before i 'easy transfered' my old data from my HDD with vista. Now my HDD is formatted and partition was removed.
  3. I only need to install the OS, adobe master collection CS6, lightroom 3.2, Photomatix pro, brother printer, World of Warcraft, onlive, dropbox, phonemypc app and curse...which of those can i install to my SSD and which to my HDD? Or my SSD can accommodate all?

    really need an opinion here. Thanks!
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