X-Fi Xtreme Gamer crasches my computer

Hello I have a system that works fine, but wanted better audio so got the Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer sound card, but it has a bad habit of crashing my computer either by freezing the game with looping sounds or just loosing sounds. I am pretty sure that it is the card, since I have an old Audigy SE, and with that installed there is no crashes. And no crashes with the realtek in the motherboard. I have tested the X-Fi card in at other computer and the was no problem.

But have heard that it could be a conflict with my motherboard ASUS P5N-D and something with it uses a nvidia chipset. But have found no specific article or solution on this. Hope anybody have a solution for this, since creative support was not much help.

Yes I have the newest drivers, (bios, chipset, video and audio) . uninstalled with drive sweeper.
Yes I have tried the different PCI slots.
Yes the Mobo audio is turned off in bios.
This is a problem I have had 6-7months but have just used the audigy in between driver updates. have also reinstalled operating system. using win 7 64bit.

Please help
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  1. Dissable motherboard audio...
  2. It is disabled but thx.
  3. Creative's soundcards stink. Their drivers in particular are horrible. Either try third party drivers (Daniel_K or PAX), or get a soundcard from a different manufacturer (ASUS, HT Omega, or Auznetech)
  4. Well going out to get a ASUS Xonar DX/XD today, so sad that creative have let them self go. Have always thought of them as a leading and quality brand, but they have really disappointed me this time with there product and there support. So from now on I will not just blindly buy creative products because of there former reputation.
  5. Creative have had crap drivers for Vista and Win 7, however there might be ways around the crashes you are experiencing.

    Do not turn on hardware acceleration.

    Depending on the game you might want to download OpenAL and use that for the sound device in the game.

    Also, for some games you might have to use Creative Alchemy for them to work correctly.
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