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Hi, I am sorry to say I do not totally understand the inner workings of a computer, but I try. I am trying to buy a laptop for fairly cheap (500ish). I do everyday computing but I also do financial modeling on a program called Crystal Ball which really strains my computer. I want a decent amount of memory and RAM too. My big problem now is what kind of processor should I get. For the most part I don't really care about bells and whistles, just a laptop that won't freeze up on me. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
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  1. What CPU are you using now the is strained by Crystal Ball?
  2. Its just the computers I use at school, they are Dell desktops with Intel Pentium Dual-Core, it works ok on that just goes really slow (but I suppose its alot of data).
  3. It would help if we knew which Pentium Dual-Core it actually is. We don't want to get you anything slower. And laptop CPUs ARE slower than desktop CPUs.
  4. Ugh I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, and thank you for helping. Already you are more helpful than the guys at Best Buy. I may not know much about computers but he had never even heard of AMD despite selling laptops with it. He was more concerned about upselling me 3 years of virus protection than a laptop. Since I can't be more informative is their any laptop you would recommend that is a good buy for the price?
  5. Do you want to buy at BestBuy or Staples? Walmart or Costco can have some good values too.
    How about shopping online? HP and Dell will be having 'back to school' sales soon.
  6. I was just going to buy online but I do have a Costco membership too. I'm not trying to customize it with special colors or anything so it doesn't have to be online.
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    @ Costco: Lenovo G550 Pentium T4400 2.2GHz 4GB RAM $500

    @ BestBuy:
    Toshiba Satellite C655 Pentium T4500 2.3GHz 4GB RAM $480
    Model: C655-S5068 | SKU: 1084741

    HP G62 Core i3 350M 2.26GHz 4GB RAM $500
    Model: G62-234DX | SKU: 9989299

    @ Wallmart:
    HP G62-219WM Pentium T4500 2.3Ghz 3GB RAM $498
    Dell Inspiron 1545 Pentium T4500 2.3Ghz 3GB RAM $448

    The best options looks like that HP G62 @ BestBuy for $500. Thats the target you want to meet or beat buying online.
    Passmark CPU score: Core i3 M 350 @ 2.27GHz = 2061
  8. Wow thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it =)
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  10. Your welcome. Let us know what you end up choosing.
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