Old data HDD transfer to SSD gone wrong


I just upgraded my OS to win7 and added a 120Gb SSD drive which i made my main boot. I left my old OS and HDD as it was until yesterday when i decided that i want to format my HDD and make it my storage drive. Before doing so, i used 'windows easy transfer' and stored my old data in an external drive. I went thru what was to be transfered and everything, when the transfer was done i found out that my new drive SSD was also copied (eyes rolling) and transfered and that what was left of the 120Gb is only 28.4Gb. I tried erasing files that i saw was redundant a lot of files i don't recognize and i am afraid of messing it up more than i already have.


1. I should have disconnected my new drive while copying the old right?
2. Why do i have two users now (accounts) when i boot up?
3. What's the best thing to do to free up space and remove the redundancy? Reformat the SSD and reinstall? It won't reduce my SSD performance and lifespan?
4. What should i do or any guide i can follow so when i download or install programs, it will be stored in my HDD?

Sorry too many questions...thanks!
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  1. This is actually a good opportunity to make your system run even better.

    Here is what i would suggest. its not fun but it has a payoff.

    backup everything you have on the SSD now. i'm not entirely sure what your directory stucture looks like but windows transfer should still work here is where i could use more info. how did you get windows installed onto your computer?
    At any rate... once you have the SSD backed up, erase the SSD and reinstall windows. any drivers that are missing. DON'T download and install the drivers, instead right click on my computer, select manage, select device manager, click on the device with a question mark and select update device drivers. tell it you you want to pick the driver from a list of drivers, select the appropriate device category (or All Devices) then select Have Disk. now point the browse box to the drive with your backups. go to Drive:\Windows\inf\ (what ever it cant find should be in Windows\ or System32\ )

    This will install only the needed files without any extra junk that's usually always thrown in by the manufacturer.

    Now attempt your settings transfer (Personally I wouldn't use this tool, I'd just drag and drop files i know i wan't. Not all of your settings are going to be the same for this install, and what your pulling from is a mess.)
    You could now end up with 3 user accounts, but they can be deleted from user settings in control panel and any folders that might be transferred over can be deleted from C:\Users\

    as for not installing programs to C:, you can right click on My Computer and select properties, then click on the advanced system settings link in the left div, and make the appropriate changes to the Path value (change the drive letter from C to whatever the new drive letter is for the Prom Files entries)
    Next we need to change the registry settings.

    1. Type “regedit” in the windows start menu search box and hit enter to continue.
    2. Navigate to the following registry key in the Registry Editor:
    3. Locate the value named “ProgramFilesDir” and change the default value “C:\Program Files” to your new directory path(address).
    4. Close the registry editor and reboot your system to apply the change.

    If you are concerned about lifespan, the prog files directory is much better off on an SSD than it is on a hard disk drive. you will see a huge improvement in performance as well (the whole reason you got the thing.)
  2. Thanks for the reply. CD drive was used in installing windows. I will reinstall later and follow your instructions.
  3. Ive edited the registry....i found 2 programfilesdir other one has x86. Should i change both? Also... Will it hurt to change the apth of commonfilesdir too?

    This is my last question :-)

    BTW, i just dragged and dropped the files....tnx!!
  4. If you are not going to attempt the settings transfer, you will need to reinstall all your software and set everything up again.

    You should edit the registry settings for both program files directories.

    You should not mess with the common files settings.

    When installing software you still need to watch for where it is installing to. Sometimes the installer app has a pre-set install path (such as C:\Program Files\)
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