An eerie HD problem

The last time I had used my external WD hard drive I tripped over its cord and caused it to disconnect. I don't know if this is the cause but the next time I tried to plug it in my pc (Win 7) wouldn't detect it.
I tried plugging it in into 2 different computers, all with the same result.
So next I tried plugging in a different hard drive, both to my pc and my laptop, and none of them detected this one either!

So I'm at a lost, who's the culprit here and how on god's green earth do I access my hard drive?!?!
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  1. Have you tried a new wire?
  2. kylexps said:
    Have you tried a new wire?

    I dont have one that fits but that's why I tried the other HD on this pc and another one, as a control group.

    I should also mention that I tried 2 different usb ports (disc on key) on both computers and both worked without a hitch.

    I will buy a new cord once I am certian I have exhausted all options.

    Someone told me something about uninstalling the usb hardware and then to plug it in and initiate a new installation but I'm not clear on the details...
  3. ahem
  4. Take the HDD out of the old enclosure and try it in a PC. If it works just get a new enclosure. If it still does not work the it is the drive that is damaged. Especially if the drive head was moving when you tripped over the cord
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