5850 vs 5870

Hey all, i'm looking at this build to be the best bang for my buck with a price range between 1-1500 aussie dollars.

i5 750 - 239
2x2gb g-skill ripjaw - 159
ASUS P7P55D-E PRO - 215
XFX ATI Radeon HD5850 XXX Edition - 375
Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB HD502HJ - 69
Pioneer DVR-218L DVDRW OEM - 49
Xigmatek UTGard Tower Case - X Window - 124

Now, I can get a Sapphire ATI Radeon 5870 1gb + FREE DRIT 2 GAME, DX11 second hand, a week old from someone I know for 460. Is it worth the extra $100 to get the 5870. And with this, would everything still be compatible? Any suggestions would be welcome :) Thanks a lot guys
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  1. Aussie dollars, which is at like 92c U.S. atm. Parts are more expensive here in Aus I think
  2. A used 5870 for $460?

    New 5870s sell for about $390-$420 on newegg and tigerdirect.
  3. What about your monitor?

    Well, if you ask me then i would stay away from second hand card, you will be better with a NEW card...
  4. I would just get an HD5850 and OC the hell out of it. The HD5870 isn't worth the extra money unless you aren't going to OC.
  5. i agree 100% with jyjjy, the 5850 is a very good card and can be overclocked to very high levels, you can overclock the 5850 to be better than 5870 :)
  6. Yeah just go with the 5850 and OC it. Their pretty much the best bang for buck. Spend the extra 100 you save on a nice SSD!
  7. Thanks all :)
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