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I should probably mention that this is my first attempt at building a PC - so my experience and knowledge are sketchy at best. It's possible that I've overlooked something very basic.

Anyways, here's the problem: booted this baby up for the first time, and am presented with the title screen for the MB. Unfortunately I can't go any further as the keyboard doesn't seem to be responding. It DOES appear to be getting power, as I see the green lights flash when it first powers on - but then nothing. The keyboard is connected via a PS/2 port - I am gonna try to get my hands on a USB keyboard later today to see if that works. Any suggestions would be helpful!

This is the motherboard I'm using, if it helps. The keyboard is just a very bare bones standard dell.
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  1. That's odd... I assume first boot is the first time you turn on the power after you finish connecting the components together.

    My best guess is, you probably put the keyboard at the wrong PS/2 port (for the mouse). I've had this experience before, it's dumb, I know...

    Second guess, the keyboard is faulty. There are 2 ways to check this, use the keyboard on another PC (your friend's maybe) and use the USB one (again, your friend's to borrow :D)

    Hope this helps!
  2. Appreciate the suggestions - as I said before, I don't have the highest faith in my aptitude here, and I don't consider any suggestions too silly. Unfortunately I can confirm that neither is the case. The keyboard with the PS/2 port is one that I regularly use for another PC and I know for a fact that it works fine. It was also definitely in the correct port.

    I just tried a USB keyboard, and that unfortunately does not work either. Infact the USB keyboard never even lights up, which makes me think it isn't even getting power. The PS/2 keyboard will at least light up for a moment during the boot - but the USB keyboard doesn't even do that much.
  3. That leaves to the possibility that the problem lies in your motherboard. It's either a BIOS or hardware issue. If it's BIOS, update it. If it's a faulty motherboard, then RMA is the only option.

    Try the BIOS flash first. If it doesn't work, since the keyboard is not working or other reasons, then issue an RMA for a new motherboard.

    Did you bought the item from a local computer store or online store? If it's from a local store, you can try it on the spot before you confirm the transaction. That's what I always do if I were to buy new parts for my PC.

    Good luck!
  4. The issue has been resolved. Turns out it was actually a bad RAM stick causing it to freeze up. Wasn't the keyboard at all - D'oh!
  5. Talk about false assumption. Bad RAM usually results to no display or beep signal on BIOS screen. Freeze at POST is a new one for me. Anyway, glad to hear you sort out the problem by yourself, that's what makes DIYers better :D
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