Need upgrade !!!!

Sup guys,
I would like to upgrade my system to play fairly new/new games at high settings as I got a new monitor with a max res of 1650x1080.I have a max budget of $450-$500.My system is as follows,

Motherboard:ASUS M3N78-EM
RAM:Corsair value select 2gb DDR2 667
Vid card:Nvidia Leadtek 7600gt
Power supply:Coolermaster Extreme power 450 watts if possible I'd like to keep.

I'm pretty sure the rest of the specs for my system don't need to be told.

I play mostly FPS and racing games.

One last thing, all prices must be in the aus dollar

Thanks guys!!!!!!
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  1. A new GPU like HD5770 is your best bet and maybe more ram
  2. How much of bottleneck would occur if I did do the above(because of my pretty old CPU)

    and thanks for the reply rolli!!!! :) :)
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    i would get a 9800 and the amd 99$ quad core processor (9800 or a 5770) with at least 4 gb of ram
  4. 5770 + extra 2GB RAM, then maybe swap the cpu if you have the money
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  6. thanks WC and Mark I appreciate both your ideas !!!!
  7. ok hope you get what you want
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