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hi guys,

an anyone help me out here. It seems across the board that this game runs terrible on many ati cards..even the high ati cards..
I applied the 10.4a which DID help,a little and I just applied the update from ubisoft that supposidly enabled cfx and eyefinity and help fps

the fps still suck..
I have dual 5970 so in a sense im running knowing that many games dont scale well with 4 gpu's, I figured id disable the one.. so i figured let me try running a single 5970..
even so, the fps go as high as 24 and as low as 14..

what the hell is up with that? its frustrating..a game that runs on the unreal engine should run fine, shouldnt it?

I would think a 5970 can handle THIS game shouldnt it?

is it one of those things that needs ati's intervention with cfx app or driver optimization or something? or is it just loisy design on ubisofts part?
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  1. You never even say what game you are talking about...
  2. Information Needed: GAME! Resolution, Processor, RAM(amount and speed), Motherboard and maybe even the Case (for cooling can be a problem)
  3. o *** sorry..splinter cell conviction..
    pc is 980x, 12 gig 1600 ram, asus p6t deluxe v2 board..1920x1080..dual sapphire 5970 12 watt power supply.. liquid cpu cooling..
    case originally was an alienware system designed for 2 video cards...
  4. Quick RMA the Cards!(GPU) Some thing is wrong there!
  5. See if physically removing the HD 5970 helps, otherwise, do your FPS in other games suck too? If they don't then it's probably a driver problem, if FPS sucks in other games, it could possibly be a defective GPU.
  6. Hmm is this a fresh build? If not use driver sweeper and reinstall cat 10.4 sounds to me like it is a software problem only rma if nothing else works.
  7. Two faulty GPU's is a very low probability.. You should definitely try checking it out with some other game titles such as metro 2033.. It might be worth waiting for the crossfire profile to turn up for splinter cell conviction from ati.. BTW how much overclock are you running for your CPU on that liquid cooling.? And also i believe you are running win7 64 bit.!!
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