Need advice for os drive with some games on it

Im looking to reinstall windows on one of my computers but not sure which will be better performance wise

WD5000aaks - 550gb 7200rpm 16mb cache 3gb/s sata
WD10ears - 1TB 5400 rpm 64mb cache 3gb/s sata

not looking to buy a new HDD for os but out of those 2 which would i benefit the most from

any advice is welcome

Thank you for your time
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  1. I'm no expert by any means, not even a novice, but I would imagine the 7200rpm will give better performance.

    By the way, are these the two hard drives in your PCs, or are these potential replacement/second drives?
  2. the 1tb is in the pc currently the 500gb is out of an old pc that rarely gets used using a 80gb hdd that i had lying around for os drive at the moment seagate 80gb 5400 rpm not sure of the cache out of an old ps3
  3. Without looking up benchmarks, I would say that the newer drive will give better performance.
    I can't tell which is newer. Look on the drives there should be a build date on the sticker.

    A new 5400 drive with higher density can outperform older 7200drive.

    If the builddates are close, then go with the 7200
  4. well after looking at the two drives the 500gb was built in 2007 and the 1TB was build in 2010 so guess i`ll go with the 1tb at 5400 rpm see how that works more than likely will be better than the 80gb anyways
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