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Hi all,

I upgraded my existing monitor to a 20 inch samsung (B2030) but i am unable to play high res videos smoothly. While playing the video either slows down or hangs.

Following is my existing sys config
P4,2 Gb Ram,Geforce 8400GS 512 MB PCI Card,
Unfortunately no PCI express or AGP slot on my Mboard (Intel 915GVWB)

I'm now planning to upgrade my CPU.with a new board and processor.Plz suggest me a good PCI-express graphics card that would render 1080p & 720p videos seamlessly on my 20 inch monitor.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Almost any current card will handle that. It is probably your CPU holding you back right now.
    Are you planning on doing any gaming? If so tell us your budget.
  2. Like above, any ATI card (or Nvidia card) would handle that fine. As for the CPU being the problem, I am not so sure. I do know however incorrect or old drivers can cause slow or sluggish rendering.

    Though you might not want to hear this but it could be the monitor (unlikely though).
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