Q9300 temp question

Is 44-47 c a Okay idle temp for a Q9300 and what is a good temp for load?
Also speed fan shows my hard drive temp at 255c this is a error right ?
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  1. your idle temps are high, around 70c is the upper limit for good temps under load

    either that 255c reading is an error or your hdd is now a puddle of metal on the bottom of your case...
  2. Ya i thought so. Not to be a pain but how high is my idle are we talking like 8-10c or 2-3?
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    i'd say about 9-10c

    are you using the stock hsf?
  4. ya im actually using the stock from a E5200 i had a new fan but it came DOA and to be honest i needed the system working right away. I just bought a new one over night. Is my CPU in danger at this temp iv heard its safe up to 70c at load i haven't gotten higher then 60c.
  5. your cpu isn't in danger, but you should try and get a new HSF
  6. Okay well i just ran ff 14 benchmark but my load at 75% + i never went over 63c. I got a new HSF in the mail as long as i keep my temp blow like 70 c I"m guessing I'm not doing damage?
  7. it looks like you'll be fine
  8. Thanks so much for the help i wouldn't let my system sit hot for like a week i just wanted to be sure it would be fine for a day or two.
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  10. There are a lot of intel chips that never read below 40 no matter what. I have never read an explanation of this but personally I wonder how accurate their internal sensor is.

    MY Q9400 is capable of about 3.8GHz and stays below about 60 under load (during testing). I typically run it at 3.4GHz and it is almost never at full load.

    I would not attempt to overclock an intel chip without a good aftermarket cooler. Recently I had occasion to clean up and re-purpose an older machine at work with an E6850 dual core processor and stock heat sink. Running at stock speeds (3.0GHz IIRC) it would run over 60 under full load. MY work machine is an E8500 at 3.8GHz and it never gets that hot under full load. I have a Zalman cooler on it, not the best you can buy by any means.
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