Is my hard drive burnt out?

I recently sleeved the cables on my new computer build and everything is running fine now (after a very long week of sore fingers, etc.). The problem is that on my Corsair 800D, a piece of the sata power connector's plastic on the hot swap bay's PCB broke off in the process of removing components and cables for sleeving. I thought nothing of it and after I had finished sleeving all cables, I put the components back into the case. My hard drive was also put back in the same spot, which is where the hotswap bay connects at the top. It turns out that some of the pins were showing and the sata power connector must have not had a steady connection as I cannot get the hard drive to work even when plugging it in directly to cables instead of through the hotswap bay. I'm taking a guess here and saying that I basically ruined my hard drive because I looked at the exposed board on the underside of the HDD and some of the contacts appear to be a darker color. Here is a picture of it:

From looking at the circled parts in the pic, I'm assuming the hard drive is dead and also because it doesn't spin up at all even after being plugged in directly with a sata power cable that my other drives are plugged into on the same daisy chain of connections. I don't think I've mentioned this yet but the hard drive is a WD Caviar Black 750GB. I doubt it's a possibility, but would WD even honor any kind of warranty for this. The data on the hard drive is completely backed up as most of it is games, etc. I'm just bummed that I may have to spend $100+ on a new HDD now due to my lack of cautiousness and common sense... At least this is a lesson learned if anything at all... :-/
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  1. You should contact WD and ask them, you have nothing to lose.

    Worth saying cause I know some people do it; I would have the dignity to just truthfully say what happened, and not lie in order to fraudulently improve the chances to get a replacement.
  2. Those are not burn marks. They represent oxidisation which is a consequence of materials changes mandated by RoHS.
  3. If the HDD can't spin, you can swap PCB to try
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