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I've got a Gateway XHD3000 which gives me 2560x1600 desktop resolution from my computer, and can handle the input from my PS3, PS2, X360, Wii, Game Cube, N64, and SNES (although it has severe lag on the interlaced inputs). Most of them are connected through a Pelican System Selector Pro. However, I may have to replace my monitor soon. If there's a card that can take the signals from these (all the way up to 1080p60) and show them on my monitor, I might not have to look for the inputs in the monitor. I don't think the PS3/X360 games use HDCP, but I also don't insist on being able to record video from them, as long as I can view them on the monitor in real time. The Blackmagic Intensity Pro (and Shuttle) only support up to 1080i60 or 1080p30, and as far as I can tell, the same applies to the TechnoTrend cards that were mentioned in a similar thread from 2006, but according to my current monitor, the PS3 is outputting 1080p60 for games that support it (e.g. Final Fantasy XIII).

Does anybody know of a capture card that can actually handle 1080p60?
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  1. I have the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle and it has a setting to capture 1080p30, but it has yet to work, at least in any forum I've been reading. It also has a setting to capture 720p60 but I don't have any sources to test with. But that's probably your best bet trying to get your PS3, XBOX games in HD onto your computer. Search youtube for "Intensity pro and Intensity Shuttle capturing 360 and xbox" There's some people having success with these cards. But once you are able to capture 1080p60, What are you going to play it back on? Sony Vegas Pro 9 supports 1080i 59.94 double ntsc and 720p60 in their project settings and can render 1080i mpeg, 720p60 mpeg but 1080p60 only in the .wmv format that a computer can play back without hicups. Thats the only way I've been able to play back a 1080p60 video at all yet. Anybody else knows of otherways, feel free to help us out. Danny Hays
  2. I'm surprised someone replied to this when it's several months old, but I managed to contact a man in Ohio who repaired my XHD3000, so this is less critical. It would still be nice to know of a card that can handle the signals from my game units in case several months or years from now my XHD3000 really requires replacement.

    In case it wasn't clear in my initial post, I don't require the card to actually capture video to the hard drive for later playback; displaying the video immediately on the screen would be sufficient (in fact, I'm a little worried that cards like the Blackmagic Intensity or TechnoTrend would introduce significant lag when doing this). My hardware specifications are in my profile if you want to look at them to decide whether my computer could handle playing 1080p60 video.
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