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I am a heavy gamer and in the new system that i am building, i wanted advice on video cards. I was thinking of getting 2 EVGA GeForce GTX 470 (Fermi) cards. I was looking into other cards and i was just wondering if i got one HIS Radeon HD 5970 (Hemlock) card instead, it would be better proformance. They equal the same price but would one card at that price be better than 2 that total that price? I want to know if i overclock the 2 cards and overclock the 1 if that would also make a difference. The resolution that i plan on using will be 1920x1080. Thanks!
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  1. An HD5970 will beat 2x GTX470s. The justification is that you can TriFire later if you upgrade to say, 3x 1920x1080, or a 2560x1600.
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    2 heavily OCed HD5850s would likely be the best for the money in the price range you are looking at.
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  4. Upgrade from 1080p to what? 2560x1600 monitors are $1000+
  5. jyjjy said:
    Upgrade from 1080p to what? 2560x1600 monitors are $1000+

    3 x 1080P (Eyefinity)
  6. I more or less beat a 5870 and on 1920x1080 I could be happier. Thanks to AA 1080p can still be pretty demanding.

    I do however plan on getting a 30" monitor once I go 5870 crossfire. :) That way my CPU can keep up hehe.
  7. i actually have a 27" 1080p HDTV that i am going to hook up to my computer. I just made a educated guess on the resolution.
  8. You were correct, 1080p is the same as 1920x1080.
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