Which equipment is used in the CPU charts '09

Hi guys,

Ive seen the processor comparison charts, however cant find an explanation on which equipment is used to do the testing on.

if we for example use 1 brand, Intel - I see Toms Hardware have scrapped the usage of DDR2, so the RAM's not a question anymore.. and the x64 is explained... great. However, there are a difference of sockets now (775, 1156 and 1366) which means the motherboards will be different.

does anyone from Toms Hardware (or not), have any idea which different equipment is used to test the CPU's on, AND with the advancements of DMI, QPI & PCH etc (associated with SOME of those CPUs), can you justify your motherboard choice.

Im not trying to waste anyones time here, this is a serious question. I, and possibly others here, do actually want to know.

Regards, Guj
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  1. It states what hardware is used on every single one...
  2. Also, the Mobo doesn't really make a difference in performance, unless you're running a slower-than-stock FSB/HT, the performance difference between a $50 mobo and a $500 one is well under 5%.
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