Best way to setup 2nd drive?

Ok, I just got my new HDD today. My new PC build has been using the Crucial M4 128GB SSD for storage up until now, but I've been intent on having a second drive for main storage.

Basically, what I want is to run OS (Windows 7 64), programs and a few games off the SSD for performance. I want to have common files (music, video, images, docs) as well as my main games library on the HDD.

I'm looking for some advice on the best way to go about doing this.

Some specific things I'm wondering about are if it would really be of benefit to have Steam running from SSD and some games on there as well? Also if I was doing this (if it's possible) could I still run games through Steam that are on the HDD?
Another thing is to have itunes on the SSD but my music on the HDD.
And finally, how could I get the User folders onto the HDD (my pics/my music etc)? Would this even be beneficial or should I just create my own folders and link them to my user account? I basically don't want to have to keep going in and out of the disk drives swapping and changing stuff.

Any help or advice is much appreciated!
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    I would put your games and Steam on the HDD and not on the SSD. There are very few games that would show any benefit at all being on the SSD.

    As for the Downloads My Documents My Pictures My Music and My Video folders they can be moved to the HDD very easily. From the Desktop double click on your User Folder and for each one of the folders you would like to move just right click on them and choose properties you will find a tab named Location. From there select the location you what to move them to and click move. For instance on my rig I made a User folder on my D: drive and then inside that I made a folder for my Documents and then I right clicked on My Documents folder from my profile folder and clicked Location then typed D:\Users\Documents into the target box and clicked move. Windows will then use the folders on the HDD instead of filling up your SSD.

    As for Steam there is no way to have Steam on the SSD and some of your Steam games on the HDD as Steam installs them within its own directory structure. Ok there would be a way by creating a junction point to the steamapps folder but it would really not give you any benefit at all.

    A 128GB drive can fill up fast any way so it is best to keep it for just the main OS and put the stuff that is not going to need that speed on the HDD. iTunes is the same way short of a little less load time you would not benefit by having it on the SSD.
  2. Thanks for your answer, that was helpful.

    One thing though, when you said you made a User folder on D:, was this separate from the User on C:?
  3. the only games that are worth having on the SSD are games with moderatly time consuming loading screens when moving from one location to the next.
  4. Thanks guys, think I have things sorted out now.
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