2 x SSD in (R)AID0 or Not?

I just got 2 M4 256's :) and that brings up a question

Is it worth using them in (R)AID0 for more space and speed at the cost of trim support?


Would it be better to use one for windows and programs and the other for games.

All my files(Docs/desktop/ect) will stay on a hard drive.

Reasons for or against would be helpful.
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  1. Do RAID 0, they have a good garbge colllector, and I read about TRIM beigh supported under RAID now in a newest service pack, google that
  2. Cost/Risk:
    more complexity; if something borks up, you've lost everything.
    You cannot just take 1 drive out and try it on another computer and even moving your RAID to a new computer/mobo should you need to in the future may not work.

    Goal is supposedly faster, but once you've in the tier of SSD versus HDD you're pretty much splitting hairs in performance at this point and diminishing returns in practical use.
    Bootup time from 1min to 15sec is pretty useful. But then when you go from 15sec to 10sec, meh, not quite as useful.

    So as far as this risk/reward analysis, i personally wouldn't RAID them. There is not enough gain in my opinion to RAID.
  3. @leandrodafontoura
    Good point. I remember Intel was going to add it, but so far its still not released.

    I am not so much worried about failure as it is just windows and games. I have backup for anything i care about. I have used (R)AID0 for years with hard drives. The failure factor does not scare me.

    Thanks for the input. keep it coming.
  4. From your comments it sounds like you are a gamer.

    I would ask what are you doing with your pc that would require a RAID array? Are you doing some sort of enterprise or scientific work that could benefit from a RAID array? Are you a gamer/enthusiast who simply wants to do it for the sake of doing it or bragging rights?

    It is my understanding that with the development of modern third generation ssd's, consumers really don't need or require a RAID array.
  5. Just to keep things on one drive(like jbod, but with some extra speed. This way, one does not have to choose what drive to install things on) with that bit of extra speed. You are quite right about it being mostly games with some video/photo editing from time to time.

    It is not too hard to just toss things onto another drive, but was looking to keep it simple.

    At current one is sitting in the system running(and sooo quiet now.) windows and the other is sitting on the shelf waiting to replace my 128gig one for more space.

    Was more looking for input on SSD raid in general due to the lack of TRIM.
  6. There is no benefit performance wise by going RAID0, but it will combine all the space into 1 drive, just be sure to run a good backup. So it's sort of up to you what you want to do.
  7. Keep it simple - NO RAID. SSDs are fast enough that I would just use them as regular storage drives - oh ya - that's what I did.;-)
  8. leandrodafontoura said:
    Do RAID 0, they have a good garbge colllector, and I read about TRIM beigh supported under RAID now in a newest service pack, google that

    Garbage collection can only do so much and TRIM must be supported by the RAID controller, otherwise the command won't get passed to the drives.
  9. Without official trim support, many mac users(Ok, the ones on Toms may use Trim Enabler :) ) must rely on BGC(Background Garbage Collection), So I would assume it has to work without trim to some extent, maybe just not as well.

    No raid is winning by a land slide... keep the opinions coming :)
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