Recovering a 4890 from a bad BIOS flash

So I flashed an ASUS 4890 BIOS onto my Diamond 4890 GXOC. Now it's bricked and won't display anything on the screen during startup.

I borrowed a friend's 5850 so I can reflash the BIOS. I uninstalled the 4x00 drivers and installed the newest 5x00 drivers for W7.

However, when I have both video cards installed (5850 in PCIe slot 1, 4890 in slot 2), my computer hangs in the startup screen - everything, the mouse or logo freezes up and I can't get into desktop. I suspect this is a driver conflict with the 5850 vs the bad BIOS 4890?

How am I suppose to enter desktop to flash the correct BIOS?

Do I need a PCI card, not a PCIe card?

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  1. bp
  2. When I bricked my ol' 4870 I used my friends GTX275 to boot, entered DOS and flashed my 4870 back to its orginal BIOS.

    I hope you put a copy of the orginal BIOS on your flashing device.
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