HELP! my sony vaio

I have the sony vaio w/ a 1ghz mobile 4 ahlon, I would like to upgrade my HDD, and CPU.
Now I am fairly certain that I will beable to upgrade my hdd from 20gb to 40gb...

I've already been inside this rig and played around to see whats where, had the hdd out, took the hsf off and took out the cpu, and I know I have voided the warranty (big deal), pretty neat inside for the arrangement of components.

I found a place online where I can purchase a mobile athlon 4 1500+ cpu, but my question to any one who has experience with this, if I put the 1500+ in, will the mobo recognize it, or would I need to flash the bios with one from sony's website thats for a vaio laptop with a 1500+ cpu?

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  1. Your manual should list what your board supports... but if you do need to flash your bios, dont use a update for a diff machine... if the board is different u could well cause yourself more problems... the bios update for your own machine model should add support for newer processors...

    PS how do you access the HHD in a VAIO... a friend of mine want me to replace the HDD with a bigger one but unlike other notebooks I have worked on there is no visible slot to do it... do I have to go through the keyboard... if so... how, I dont want to wreck it...

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  2. Yeh, just remove the little black screw holding the speaker grille on the left side of the laptop, and slide the panel to the left and it is freed up to lift and place safely out of the way, BUT becareful the underside of the speaker panel has some wires attached to it for the speakers themselves.
    next, simply slide the keyboard assy forward and presto. You can lay the monitor flat(parellel to the table your working on)then place a protective layer over the lcd, then lay the keyboard assy on top of it. Bam your in, dead center is the hdd, securing it to the mobo are 4 screws and a hdd bracket. When I removed mine I did some measuring and it looks like it will only except 9mm hdd's, I measured the highest point off the mobo under the hdd. To the left is the northbridge and hsf and cpu all in one convenient configuration.

    <font color=red><b>Wealllovedisassemblingthingstoseehowitworks,butwhowantstoputitbacktogetheragain?
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