DVD drive access denied even though it is not blocked by GPO

In my company, everyone has no access to read/write to removeable storage drives. This is managed by a GPO. There are a few people who are excempt from this and they have another GPO that runs last so that they do have access to it. For some reason, I have a user who is excempt but still gets an access denied when trying to access a dvd drive. He has an external usb drive that he can access just fine so I know that the correct policy is being applied. I also checked with rsop.msc to see which policy is being applied and the correct one showed up on the list. I have added and removed the user from the policy and still have the error. I am lost as to what else I can do.

The computer is a windows 7 pc and the user is a domain user and not a local user. Any help?
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  1. When you say the correct one showed up on this list - did you only verify the name, or did you look at the individual settings to verify it was set correctly in the RSOP report along with coming from the correct GPO?

    GPO Loop Back Processing may be in place. While the correct policy may show as being applied, a loopback would run and reset the individual setting.
  2. Is the individual in multiple groups?
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