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Installed to separate partition, 7 won't boot?

Last response: in Windows 8
March 6, 2012 3:25:35 AM

That's taken from Win 8.

I installed it to a separate partition, and it seems to have made my win7 partition RAW, whatever that means. I marked the win7 partition as active...On boot win8 auto boots. Using mpconfig, only Win8 shows as a bootable selection. How can I make my win7 main partition bootable side by side?? Or get it back...

March 6, 2012 12:44:11 PM

Okay I figured out that Win 8 didn't recognize it as a bootable partition because that partition is Truecrypted. So I'm assuming it's safe to:

1. Repair Win7Boot with Win7 CD
2. Use my truecrypt Rescue CD to boot into win7 past the (now broken) Truecrypt bootloader.
3. Decrypt win7 partition
4. Win 8 will now work dual boot?

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