Can't connect to wireless router after Windows 7 upgrade

I recently started using a computer with Windows 7. I have a linksys modem that is wired to a Wireless router and the computer is wired to the router.

After the Windows 7 upgrade, the wireless router stopped working for both wired computers and wireless connections. If I bypass the router and run directly from the modem I get internet connection again.

I attempted to replace the wireless router with a new one and it's the same issue.

I've disabled IPv6 and tried to manually configure DNS and still no go.

Any thoughts on what may have gone wrong after upgrading to Windows 7 or why the router would suddenly stop working?

Help is appreciated :)
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  1. From control panel go to device manager... is network adaptors been detected ?
  2. Yes. I see the Gigabit Ethernet adapter but I also see an error on "Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface."

    I haven't the slightest idea what that is :)
  3. And your wireless adaptor is on the same system or different system? If its on the same system,what's the make and model?

    ( if on different system has it been detected in device manager)
  4. I generally run a hard wire from my wireless router to the computer and use wireless for the rest of the machines in the house.

    The Wireless Router is a Linksys WRT54G though.
  5. Once the Modem is connected to the router, does the internet LED goes Green?
  6. On the Modem & router the internet light both flash green.

    It seems like something in the configuration is not allowing the router to get an IP?
  7. before this problem occured, did you change any settings or reset it the router ?
  8. No. The issue litterally appeared over the course of the day when I wasn't home.

    I haven't made any changes to the settings (until today), nor have I done any updates recently.
  9. Can you unplug the router and the modem for 30 seconds, then plug it back in and see if you get connections ?
  10. I've tried that several times and no luck
  11. You only upgraded the wired computer to windows 7 right? the other wireless systems has not been upgraded, is that correct?
  12. That is correct
  13. When you bought the router did you change the password to the admin user? and have you set up wireless WEB security key?
  14. I haven't reset anything on the router. That is the one thing I have yet to do (a hard reset on the router).

    Is this recommended?
  15. Well I wonder if you got hacked? Maybe some one hacked in and change the settings. If you reset it, you will lose your ISP settings. If you know the settings, then yes I recommend a reset.

    Also reEnable the IPv6
  16. If you do reset it make sure to Change admin password. type into your web browser. Leave the user name blank and type admin for password.

    Follow the manual guide for further instructions

    Don’t forget to setup a strong wireless web key with numbers and characters example 2BorNOTb@xmas2009
  17. If after Enabling the Pv6 you still get error on "Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface." then try the following.

    1. Open command prompt with administrator credentials (Find CMD and right-click - Run as Administrator).
    2. Enter netsh environment. Type "netsh" and ENTER.
    3. "int teredo" and ENTER
    4. "set state disabled" and ENTER.
    5. Open Device Manager and uninstall "Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface".
    6. Open command prompt with administrator credentials once again.
    7. netsh + ENTER.
    8. "int ipv6" + ENTER
    9. "set teredo client" + ENTER
    10. Open Device Manager and Scan for new hardware.
    11. Select "Show hidden devices" from the View menu. You will now see that it is present without errors with any luck.

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