Coaxial cable TV signal to wireless and back again?

Here's my problem (well, one of my problems; my wife can provide a full list upon request). :whistle:

I live in France. The ISPs here like to provide packages with telephone and television service as well as Internet access. For reasons of Internet speed, we've been using a provider that uses optical cable rather than ADSL; in other words, the point of entry into the house is a coaxial cable. Now we're moving to a new house and want to add TV service.

The problem? The coax wall outlet is in a different part of the house from where we want to put the TV. We're renters; for that and other reasons, we'd rather not have to extend coax cables to the room where we want the TV.

The typical setup is to have a splitter at the wall outlet. Imagine a Y-shape. The cable from the wall goes into the bottom of the Y. Two cables come out of the branches at the top. One cable is connected to a router that has wireless and ethernet output and also a phone jack, so that takes care of the Internet and telephone services. The other branch goes to a TV decoder box. Generally speaking, the idea is to put the TV near the coax outlet, so that you can physically connect the TV to the decoder box with component video, S-Cart, or whatever connectors are supported.

Computers obviously don't need to be in the same vicinity because of the wireless router. It would also be easy to create a wired computer network by using a powerline adapter and hooking it up to the ethernet port on the router. Unfortunately, we can't do a similar thing with the TV signal, because there's no such thing (I think) as a powerline adapter that takes coax input and then spits out coax output at the other end.

So I'm wondering if there's a wireless solution. I've read that Monster, with Sigma, has said they're coming out with such a product, but it doesn't seem that it's here yet. My idea would be to have the coax cable from the splitter that's supposed to go into the TV decoder box go into some kind of gizmo instead. This gizmo would output a wireless signal (say 5.4 Ghz, if such a thing is allowed by French regulations). A similar gizmo would be in the other room with the TV. It would receive the wireless signal and output to a coax cable. This cable would be plugged into the TV decoder box.

I have no idea if this is possible. Does anyone else?
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  1. Hi there featsofclay,

    I don't know if by now your wife got you working on the rest of your problem list but I would still be very interested in the one you described above. It is in fact exactly what I am trying to do and I have found some websites for equipment that will distribute the signal from the decoder to the TV but very little on wirelessly relaying the signal from the splitter to the decoder.

    The powerline option you thought not possible seems available (now):

    I find it difficult though to find user feedback on this solution or fully wireless solutions. I would indeed also go for the 5.4 or 5.6 Ghz to avoid conflict with existing WiFi but again, I find little feedback on actual installations.

    If you have managed to find a solution would you provide feedback on your experience please...

  2. Another vote for wireless coax transmission. I am not looking to add more TVs, but simply trying to bridge a physical gap without drilling holes or running wires.

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