Dimension xps gen 3 keyboard and mouse doesnt work

Hello,sorry I m not very experienced in pc but I use to work on a dell dimension 8400 and recently I got a dimension XPS gen 3; 3.4GHZ/2GB/250*3GB (without manual, cd s or windows )
I put in the XPS the HDD of the dim 8400 and which contains the windows XP and my folders and everything else.
when I started the XPS with the HDD of the dim 8400, eveything goes fine except that I cannot use neither mouse nor keyboard....I thought I have to install the drivers again but I just have the drivers utilities cd of the dim 8400
can somedody help me pls by explaining the right procedure and steps to make it working properly
thanx in advance
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  1. If the newer DELL has a hard drive(looks like 250gb), Install windows on it. There should be a COA(cd key)number on the case somewhere. Then you can install your old drive to get your files off to the new one and do what ever you want with the old one.

    You "May" be able to get the current setup working by entering safe mode(hiting F8 over and over just before windows starts loading, can even stat at the bios screen on most systems). Once in safe mode you can try to check and see if the mouse and keyboard work and remove ALL mice and keyboards prior to reboot. On reboot wait at least 5 min to let windows detect the current ones and you may be able to log in.

    Even rebooting with you mouse and keyboard plugged in elsewhere causes a delay while drivers are installed before you can use it. I give 5min[if nothing by then, chances are its not going to go] for you since I do not know how fast you windows install is.

    I do NOT recommend running the old drives load of windows to avoid stability issues from the massive hardware change. I am surprised you do not get a BSOD.

    Good Luck!
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