Asus P6X58D Premium Sound questions

im assuming the sound card i have is adequate for what i want to do.

i have this setup 2.1 and am happy with it.

i have a headset, that im wanting to make voice come through, such as Ventrilo, or Yahoo voice chat, im sure its possible to do it im just too incompetent to figure it out.

DUMMY DOWN help is much appreciated.
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  1. i want the voice to come to my headset which is a mic combo, but i dont think that matters too much.
  2. is this possible or am i just dreaming?
  3. Its possible,
    Go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound > Sound, then select your "Headsets", configure them and set as default.
  4. I only want voice though.. I want game and music and all other to cone from speakers
  5. I don't think that's possible,you have to use either the headset or speakers
  6. it is possible but i was told i need to get a USB headset so i will do that.
  7. I currently have a USB headset, and i have to choose either my speakers or my headset in the control panel.I can't choose both.
  8. its not a control panel thing, it would be in the setup of the program such as Ventrilo, i would choose where i hear the sound, in the default , speakers , or usb drive.
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    If the program supports selecting a different sound output then the windows default, you CAN do this; For example, my primary output device (at the moment) is the HDMI output of my 4890, but when using teamspeak, I have it configured to output all its audio to my Logitech G35 instead.
  10. Right,i forgot HDMI, its possible to it with HDMI output in some apps/games.(However haven't tried it myself)
  11. ^^ Not even with HDMI; I know for a fact you can do this with other outputs as well. I used to do optical out to my surround system (prior to moving to 7.1 and getting a TV; using the soundcard introduced lag into the system...).

    As long as the program gives the option to use a non-default sound output, its doable. Whether there are any software conflicts...thats another story.
  12. Oh i see, thanks for clarifying
  13. The worst I ever did was using 3 sound devices at the same time (ASUS Xonar, HDMI output on my 4890, and output on my G35. I was using three instances of a program to measure how much delay was on each specific device, by comparing against eachother.).
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