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ssd(60 gb) as cache drive or boot drive(+few games) ?
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  1. I would personally do boot drive + games, but it would get a 120gb ssd.
  2. Boot drive.

    There is a lot of misunderstanding about caching. Intel developed caching for clients and businesses that could not afford a large capacity ssd. Back when the concept was on the drawing board, Intel hoped clients and businesses would purchase a small 10Gb or 20GB for about $100.00. Microsoft Windows 7 and all software applications would remain on hard disk drives. The cache only produced a minor boost in hard drive performance. Intel hoped that once clients saw the slight performance boost they might be inclined to purchase a larger ssd for much better performance.

    Intel also researched the size of the cache. Intel determined that a 60GB ssd was the point where it made no sense to use the ssd as a cache for a hard drive. Instead if you have a 60GB or larger capacity ssd, then Windows 7 and software applications should be installed on the ssd to take full advantage of the ssd capabilities.

    Since you are thinking about a 60GB ssd, it makes more sense to install Windows 7 and your software applications on the ssd. The ssd performance boost is much higher than the hard disk drive performance increase.

    Windows 7 will use up a somewhere around 20GB leaving plenty of room for software applications and utilities.

    Prices have dropped quite a bit since Intel developed ssd caching. You could purchase a 128GB SATA 3 6Gb/s solid state drive for less than the original price of $100.00 for a 10GB or 20GB ssd:

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