Xonar D2X doesn't detect on GA-870A-UD3

I just upgraded to a GA-870A-UD3 and my Asus Xonar d2x will not detect on the new board. It doesn't show up in device manager (as multimedia or a pci bridge) and the drivers will not install. I have tried multiple power connectors, both PCIe slots, and another computer. The card runs fine in two other machines. I don't have any other cards to test the slots with, and I'm kinda at my wits end. Any ideas?
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  1. Make sure the settings in the BIOS are correct.
  2. I have updated the bios, what settings do you mean? I tried disabling onboard sound.
  3. That the PCIe slot is enabled, mainly, as I'm too lazy to find the manual to see if it has options to do with that.
  4. I can't find anything in the manual or the bios about enabling the PCIe slot. I would start talking to gigabyte about my warranty, but I can't really afford to be without the computer for weeks on end.
  5. Check the contacts on the card and slot are clean.
  6. Lot of people griping about ASUS driver upchucks - might want to give this a try...
  7. I cleaned the contacts on the card with alchohol an hour or so before installation and it's a brand new motherboard so there is no dust at all. The new drivers install but the card is still not detected.
  8. Does anything show up in Device Manager now?
  9. No
  10. If possible, download a Ubuntu CD (, boot to that, and see if it shows up in there.
  11. Most likely a chipset driver issue download the latest one for your mobo and pay attention to your boards revision # when updating.
    That board has five different revisions.
    Bottom left hand corner for rev.#
  12. Good idea.
  13. That card requires a supplementary power connector (floppy power connector). Make sure you inserted that as well.
  14. The card only when plugged into the PCIe slot about the graphics card while the card is plugged into the PCIe 16x slot. It wouldn't fit without me removing the shielding only the graphics card. Thanks for the help though.
  15. The card has a small power connector, read the manual
    You should have the power cable in the bundle.
  16. I did have the power connector attached the entire time
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    I keep my Xonar DX in my second PCIe x16x16 slot, it's compatible. You can try it in your PCIe x16 x4 card slot yourself.
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