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I've never used powerline and am confused by what I've read. I'm setting up a network in a biggish two-storey house and am wondering whether it makes sense to try powerline instead of, or in addition to, Apple Airport Express units (I'm a confirmed Macoholic, though I've got Windows machines in the house as well).

One question is how the throughput of a powerline connection would compare to wireless. Obviously, for wireless, there are issues of distance, walls, etc., but I have some feel from experience of the speeds I can expect. The stuff I've read about powerline leaves me confused about what I'd get from that. It seems that the fasted standard I'd be likely to buy would be HomePlug AV, which HomePlug says has speeds "up to" 200 Mbps but other sources seem to suggest might be as much as 1000 times less than that.

The bandwidth coming into the house is pretty decent, usually in the range of 30 Mbps. Does powerline make sense under those conditions?
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  1. I wouldn't buy powerline adapters unless the retailer agrees upfront to a refund if your house wiring circuit is not suitable.

    I gather that when they work they work well. But often not at all.

    My own experience with some cheap ones was unhappy -- even connecting via the same wall socket was incredibly slow and the system produced massive noise on audio equipment in the house.
  2. I'm using Netgear plugs on three locations: one near the ADSL Router, one in the living room near my PS3 (+- 10m) and one in the bedroom near my TViX (+- 15m). I'm watching movies of my NAS and I haven't had any problems with performance. The units tend to get quite warm though. I don't know software that can measure throughput (suggestions?) otherwise I would have given you geeky stats...

    Cheers, Vince
  3. Thanks to both of you. I'm tempted to give it a try just to see if it works. Always willing to spend in the name of curiosity.
  4. I agree with filehart , they are not worth the trouble!
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