Why i cant play game with high setting with ati 5850?

hi guys i resentlyhi guys i resently had a shutdown problam because of psu i bought 680 watt psu and solved it but now i cant play game with high setting its hanging or game is slow its like 9600gt is that anything wrong or just club 3d making 9600gt in name of 5850? my resident evil 5 fps still 30 fps i checked youtube for fps with 5850 and i saw 120 fps how is that i have the same card and same setting but why not same fps?
my system is:
amd phenom x3 2.1 ghz
club3D 5850 overclocked edition
4 gb ram
680 watt psu
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  1. What is the resolution you are running at vs theirs?
    What processor are you running, do you have a bottleneck?
  2. are u using windows 7?
    try installing latest driver version.
    Also try different game to see if it's a problem with the card itself.
  3. amd phenom x3 2.1 ghz

    That's your problem... :)

    You MUST OC it to get a better performance...
  4. I assume that's a first generation Phenom, not a Phenom II. The CPU is your problem; you could put a 5970 in there and it wouldn't make any difference.
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