PSU for Q6600 , video HD3870X2

I need to buy PSU for this system:

--mobo : Asus P5N-T deluxe
--Q6600 core 2 quad - 2.4Ghz overclock to 3Ghz
--2x 650gb
--video HD 3870 X2 ( 4xdvi ports) - I use with 4 monitors - Producer recomands 550W minimum/ Corsair calculator say minimum 450W
--6 gb DDR2 ( 4 dimms)

Calculato here it say 467W . I need PSU that will also save some bill..

So I have this options right now :

Second hand Corsair 520HX = 80euro
Second hand Corsair 620HX = 95euro
Brand new Corsair 550VX = 95euro
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  1. Hello crossing;
    Any of those options will work fine. (as long as the used Corsairs are in good working order).
    The 550W recommended PSU was for an 'average' PSU. The Corsairs are much better than that.

    Are there any other PSUs you can choose from?
  2. If the 620HX has a good condition and no problems(like damaged etc.) then go for it,otherwise go with 550VX
  3. I highly recommend you to avoid second hand PSUs.

    The VX550 is an excellent choice for you. Go for it. You can find some qualified reviews about this units in the "PSU Review Database" (see my signature).
  4. I read it here,2122-6.html that my card need 25A 12v rail and my hd3870x2 can eat up to 200w when 3d . In this case Corsair 520HX will fail because have only 18A 12v rails and combined rating of 40A (what combined means? ) . So the best choise remain 550VX wich gives 40A 12v rails ?
  5. The HX520 (also the HX620) is really a single-rail PSU. So don't have to worry about power distribution because you will have room enough for running your system with those 40A/480W on the +12V output.
    The 550VX is better because is new (when a PSU is used heavily or over an extended period of time (more than one year) it will slowly lose some of its initial wattage capacity), performs very well and the price is not high.
  6. thank you Henry Chinaski ! I didnt know that with time PSU slowly lose some of its initial wattage capacity . That 520HX was 2 years old . I just ordered brand new 550VX with 90 euro (bonus 4gb corsair stick :) ) .
  7. You're welcome.
    You have got a good deal.
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