Intel Core i5 760 SLI problem

I am planning on building a gaming rig. I want it to be SLI capable (GTX 460's) so when I have more money I can buy another GTX 460 (instead of just the one). The problem is that u read a review on newegg stating that the Intel Core i5 760 will make it so that I only have 16 lanes for PCI, meaning I can only do x8 x8 in SLI rather than x16 x16. Is this correct? And if it is, dies it really make a huge difference (x8 vs. X16)?
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  1. everyones tells me it makes no difference, I am also planning on upgrading to GTX 460's in SLI w/ a pcie slots running at x8 x8
  2. There is a small difference in performance between full x16/x16 and x8/x8 SLI. The actual difference varies between games.
    The ability to use SLI and the performance gains far outweigh the few percentage points difference between x16/x8 modes IMO.

    Keep an eye out on the HardOCP site. They're getting ready to publish an article next week that shows what kind of real world gaming impact running x16/x8 SLI will have using SLI GTX 460s.
  3. One example. Crysis @ 1920x1200 x16 @ 46fps x8 @ 45fps
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Tom's recently wrote a great review comparing dual x8 with dual x16,2696.html
    The difference between them isn't noticeable unless you play at a resolution like 2560x1600 or higher.
  5. THG has a recent article on the topic of SLI scaling you'll want to read: PCI Express And SLI Scaling: How Many Lanes Do You Need?
  6. I see Maziar beat me in linking the THG article.
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