Cpu cooler compatible with MSI880GMA

Hi guys. I am building a new system based on a MSI 880GMA-E45 mobo with phenom -ii 965 BE cpu. This is going into an NZXT Hades midtower and Im trying to find a cpu cooler that will fit into the case and not block access to any of the RAM slots. I dont plan on doing crazy overclocking, but do plan on doing some for moderate performance boosts. Anyone have any thoughts on somethin that will work? Thanks tons!
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  1. Hmm unless u are building an mATX LANparty rig, etc why not go with the MSI 870A-G54?
  2. Well, in hindsight that prolly would have been a better choice, but I already have the mobo and CPU (pretty much ready to build...just waiting on vid card to come in and realized >doh< need a better CPU cooler than stock. I would rather not have to mess with a RMA and stuff unless I ~HAVE~ to. TY for the fast response tho.
  3. IIRC there are peeps chuggin along fine with an AC Freezer7 Pro with this board
    You are welcomed ^^
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