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I'm debating whether or not it is worth it to replace my 250GB HDD from my netbook with a cheap SSD.

I've noticed I rarely use more than 30GB on the netbook so even a low capacity 60/64GB SSD should be sufficient. However, the low capacity 60/64GB SSD seem to have much lower max read/write speeds than their 120/128GB+ counterparts... Is this an issue?

My only question is whether or not I will see a performance increase or not.
I feel as if my netbook is quite slow, but I'm not sure if it's the HDD or the Intel Atom N450 that is the bottleneck.

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  1. The lower synthetic benchmarks for 60/64 GB ssd's is not really an issue. It is simply that lower capacity ssd's do not perform as well as large capacity ssd's. That's why companies submit their larger capacity ssd's for review. That's also why companies choose a specific benchmark test and specific settings for advertising purposes. The companies want their ssd's presented in the best light possible.

    You will definitely see a performance increase over a hard disk drive. Just don't expect miracles.
  2. +1 to Johnny. Speed is not an issue - particularly with a slower PC.

    Think about what your computer is doing when its slow. The SSD will make the netbook turn on faster, and launch programs faster, and open saved files faster.

    It will not change the speed at which most programs operate once they are going - surfing the net will be almost exactly the same, running any kind of program you are using will have similar performance.

    If you get an SSD, definitely get one of the lower cost ones. This upgrade isnt worth $100 in my opinion. It might be worth $60 or $70 if you use the netbook a lot.
  3. Great, thanks for the advice.

    I will surely look to invest in an SSD for the added boot/load times. I'm aware of the benefits of SSDs, as I am currently using a few larger ones in my full sized laptop and gaming desktop.

    I was just concerned about the potential CPU bottleneck (I have only 1GB of DDR2 btw), as well as the performance of the 60/64GB SSDs vs HDDs.

    You're right about the worth of the upgrade, I'm only looking to spend $30-40 on this. My netbook cost me about $300 two years ago, so it is by no means something of great worth today anyway. Are there any low-cost SSDs you would recommend?

    I currently have two OCZ Vertex 3 120GBs, and they are nothing but perfect. I was thinking maybe opt-ing for the 60GB Agility 3s, since they're similar except for the asynchronous NAND.

    I see an "OCZ Octane S2 64GB" for $35 after MIR, any comments?

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