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CPU fans for dual core

hi, i'm looking for a fan that fits for my processor. i'm using an Intel Dual Core E6300.

here my options:

Coolermaster Hyper 212
Coolermaster V8
Coolermaster Hyper TX3
Coolermaster Vortex 752

uhm but i was actually wondering if i can install one them in my mobo or if one of these fits for my processor. i was planning to upgrade my cooling system for overclocking purposes.

thanks for your advice:)
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  1. Coolermaster Hyper 212
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    A fan fits the cooler, not the processor.
    A cooler fits the motherboard,not the processor.
    The coolermaster coolers come with fans which are adequate. No need to replace them.

    Your E6300 is a lga 775 based processor, so look for a cooler with a lga 775 mount. Most coolers will have such a mounting kit.

    Among your choices, I like the hyper 212 or the V8 because they have 120mm fans which cool better and are quieter.
    Get the least expensive one.

    The Tx3 uses a 92mm fan, as does the 752. Not so good for quietness or cooling power.

    Any oem cooler will be an improvement to the stock cooler for overclocking.
    I like the large tower type coolers with slow turning 120mm fans. There are several available for <$40.
  3. oh sorry for that. i was really confused. thanks for the advice coz i don't really have any knowledge about these fans:)
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